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• Students interested in applying to the CMB program apply online through the Duke Graduate School. application form
• CMB is a certificate program. Students choose 3 labs for rotations during their first year. In the spring or summer of their first year, they choose to affiliate with one of 10 degree-granting departments or programs.
• Number of students matriculating each year: ~17
• Number of CMB students receiving monthly stipend and a tuition waiver: 100%
• Average GRE CMB students (2015-16): 160 (Verbal), 161 (Quantitative)
• Average undergraduate GPA of CMB matriculants: 3.7
• Average years in graduate school for a CMB student who obtained a PhD: 5.8 yrs
• 2016-17 Stipend: $30,310

Program Statistics
Total number of graduate students currently in the CMB program: ~100
Duke CMB program students have a very high retention rate. Of all CMB students who were supported by the training grant over the last 10 years:

• 88.1% have completed or are in the process of completing their PhD
• 10.3% left the program with a Masters*
• 1.6% withdrew without a degree*

* Most of those students who left the program without a PhD did so of their own volition