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Controlling the Cell Cycle


Instructor: Danny Lew
Summary: The accurate copying of a cell's contents and their distribution to produce two daughter cells is a stunning feat requiring exquisite coordination. The set of carefully orchestrated steps by which proliferating cells make copies of themselves constitutes the cell cycle. In this module, we will discuss landmark papers that established the conserved mechanisms underlying cell cycle control, as well as recent papers dissecting the control circuitry.
In addition to learning about a fundamental process, this module will explicitly deal with strategies for reading primary Journal articles to critically assess the validity of their conclusions. We will also discuss how to turn cartoon diagrams of regulatory pathways into equations and graphs producing quantitative predictions of pathway behavior, and address the importance of feedback pathways and bistable systems in generating sharp transitions in cell behavior.


Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts, et al., - Chapter 17 (First part: The Cell Cycle)