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Intersection of Signaling and Therapeutics


Instructor: Kris Wood
Summary: It is now possible to comprehensively map the numerous genomic alterations present in individual human tumors. As a result of this stunning technological advance, we can now begin to design therapeutic strategies that function by “targeting” these alterations. However, identifying the optimal therapeutic targets for a given tumor is challenging, and this challenge is further exacerbated by the problem of drug resistance, which commonly emerges as tumors evolve under pharmacological selection pressures. In this module, we will construct a framework for understanding the related topics of pharmacogenomics and drug resistance in cancer, discussing landmark papers that established the guiding principles in each field.


1) McLeod, Cancer pharmacogenomics: Early promise, but concerted effort needed, Science 339, 1563 (2013).
2) Glickman and Sawyers, Converting cancer therapies into cures: Lessons from infectious diseases, Cell 148, 1089 (2012).