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Nuclear Structure / Gene Regulation


Instructor: Eda Yildirim
Summary: Understanding how transcriptional status of genes are established, maintained, and regulated is crucial to answer the questions of how diverse cellular functions are orchestrated during development of multicellular organisms. During recent years, it has become evident that gene expression is controlled not only on the basis of DNA sequences at the promoter and enhancer elements, but at the epigenetic level by elements of nuclear structure. These include chromatin modifications of DNA and histones, noncoding RNA-mediated epigenetic regulation, higher-order chromatin arrangements and variable aspects of nuclear architecture. In this module, we will discuss key papers that reveal these levels of gene regulation. We will be learning to approach these exciting papers critically and design experimental ways to test and explore this new area of Cell Biology.


Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts et al.
Chapter 4 - Overall Chromatin Structure (limit to pp. 202-245, in 5th edition)
Chapter 7 - Overview of Gene Control (limit to pp. 411-432, in 5th edition)
Chapter 12 - Overview of Nuclear Structure (limit to pp. 704-712, in 5th edition)