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CMB Core Courses

CMB 551

The Cell and Molecular Biology core course (CMB551) offers 24 topic areas covering a wealth of cell and molecular biology in a flexible modular format. This class is assigned 4 graded credit hours per semester. The module topics emphasize either in-depth critical discussion of the primary literature, an emphasis on developing quantitative/mathematical approaches to the biology, or both. The course consists of a sequence of six consecutive modules – within each module there are four or five topics. Students choose one topic per module. Each module contributes 10% of the final grade (60%) with the remaining 40% of the grade deriving from the final symposium or workshop.

To help you prepare for each module, the instructors have included a listing of summer readings. You should complete the readings for your six selected module topics in advance of the start of classes. All of the readings are either from common textbooks (you can substitute similar chapters from related textbooks if necessary) or can be accessed as PDFs.