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Brigid Hogan

Professor and Chair
Cell Biology
Research Interest: 
Developmental biology
Signal transduction
Research Summary: 
Organogenesis and stem cells
Research Description: 

The Hogan lab studies the cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying the development, maintenance and repair of organs derived from embryonic foregut endoderm. We focus on the lung, using the mouse as a model organism. We are particularly interested in the stem cells that play an essential role in the development of the lung and its repair after injury. We are driven by both curiosity and by practical considerations. We believe that in the long run knowledge about the cells, signaling pathways and genetic programs required for the growth, development and regeneration of the lung will translate into new approaches to clinical problems. These include promoting lung maturation in premature babies and repair of lung epithelium after damage by harmful agents, inhibiting pulmonary fibrosis, and blocking the growth of tumors.