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Cagla Eroglu

Associate Professor
Cell Biology
(919) 684-3605
Research Interest: 
Developmental biology
Signal transduction
Research Summary: 
Role of astrocytes in synaptic connectivity
Research Description: 

Elucidation of cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the formation and experience-dependent plasticity of neural circuits presents an ultimate challenge in basic neuroscience research, as these processes are believed to underlie cognition, learning and memory. Such insight is also crucial to understand the pathophysiology of highly prevalent neurological disorders including mental retardation, autism, depression and addiction. In my lab our goal is to uncover the mechanisms that control synaptogenesis in the central nervous system (CNS), which is an important first step in the formation of circuits. Our perspective includes astrocytes as an integral part of the glutamatergic synapse and explores astrocytic contribution to the formation, plasticity and function of excitatory synapses in the CNS.

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