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Madan Kwatra

Associate Professor
Clinical Sciences
Research Interest: 
Molecular structure
Signal transduction
Research Summary: 
Research Summary (one sentence) This laboratory focuses on targeting the neurokinin-1 receptor in glioblastomas and understanding the molecular basis of postoperative delirium.
Research Description: 

Targeting the neurokinin-1 receptor in glioblastomas; and 2) Understanding the molecular basis of postoperative delirium. For the project on NK1 receptors in glioblastomas, we are using glioblastoma stem cells and glioblastoma xenografts as models to evaluate the feasibility of targeting NK1 receptors as a means to halt the growth of glioblastomas. These studies involve state-of-the art genomics and proteomics approaches. The project on postoperative delirium examines the roles of sleep apnea and insulin growth factor-1 in delirium pathophysiology. These clinical/basic science studies are conducted by enrolling patients undergoing elective knee replacement surgery and analyzing the relationship between patient histories of sleep apnea or lowered levels of insulin growth factor-1 and incidence of postoperative delirium.

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