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Faculty Directory - Secretion

Associate Professor
Cell Biology
Cellular and physiologic mechanisms controlling morphogenesis
(919) 681-9268
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Cell signaling through protein glycosylation, using chemical, biochemical and cell biological methods.
(919) 684-9906
Director, Duke Human Vaccine Institute; Leader, Laboratory of B cell Biology
Clinical Sciences
Overcoming host factors that prevent induction of B cells producing broadly protective antibodies for HIV-1, influenza vaccine development.
(919) 684-5279
Associate Professor
Biochemical and genetic analysis of secretory outer membrane vesicles produced by pathogenic bacteria.
(919) 684-2545
Associate Dean for Research Training and Professor
Cell Biology
The spatiotemporal regulation of mRNA translation and how such regulation defines the subcellular architecture of protein synthesis.
(919) 684-8948
Physical chemistry of biological macromolecules: kinetics, thermodynamics, spectroscopy and structure.
919 684-4363
Vice Dean of Basic Sciences and Associate Professor
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Biochemical, functional genomic and cell biological approaches to understand how intracellular bacterial pathogens manipulate their host cells.