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Virginia Kraus

Professor of Medicine, Professor of Pathology, Associate Professor of Surgery
Research Interest: 
Molecular structure
Research Summary: 
Pathogenesis of arthritis and development of novel biomarker tools to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, and effective intervention of the disease in humans and animal model systems.
Research Description: 

A major focus of this laboratory is on the role of inflammatory mediators and proteases in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis and the influence of genotype on its phenotypic manifestations. This lab actively develops and validates surrogate biomarkers to advance the practice of clinical diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. The laboratory has ongoing basic research projects involving in vitro and animal model systems in spontaneous and injury associated arthritis, as well as biomedical clinical research trials in osteoarthritis in man. The lab has ongoing proteomic analyses of joint fluid and joint tissues to identify potential new biomarkers of OA progression and to understand the differences in joint tissue metabolism in different joints.

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