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Xiao-Fan Wang

Donald and Elizabeth Cooke Professor of Experimental Oncology
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Research Interest: 
Cell cycle
Nucleic acid metabolism
Signal transduction
Research Summary: 
Molecular nature and signaling mechanism of tumor microenvironment associated with tumor progression and metastasis.
Research Description: 

The current research in the Wang laboratory mainly focuses on the elucidation of molecular nature and signaling mechanisms associated with tumor microenvironment that promotes tumor progression and metastasis. Particularly, we are interested in the roles of specific microRNAs as mediators of TGF-ß or hypoxia to affect the biological nature of tumor microenvironment, via the interactions with the immune system and the recruitment of various types of stromal cells, to enhance tumor metastasis. We are also studying the mechanism by which a secreted protein, termed TFF1, acts to suppress oncogene-induced senescence. Ultimately, we hope that our studies in these areas to lead to the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of various types of human cancer.