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The Cell and Molecular Biology program is a multi-disciplinary graduate program encompassing all the basic science departments at Duke University.

Program in Cell and Molecular Biology at Duke

The Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) program is an admitting program that provides flexible, multidisciplinary training in a research-intensive and highly collegial environment. Students applying for admission to the Graduate School through the CMB portal are those who are attracted to a program that allows broad exposure to a diversity of research areas before a specific specialty is chosen. In the first year, CMB students take a unique, modular course that provides in-depth exploration of six self-chosen topics in intensive, 2-week segments with faculty experts. First-year students also are required to select and successfully complete three research-based lab rotations before choosing a mentor for thesis research. The student then affiliates with a degree-granting department/program for completion of the Ph.D. There are currently 150 training faculty from across the University who are affiliated with the CMB program and 100 pre-doctoral students who were admitted to the Graduate School through the CMB portal. In the first two years of training, students are supported either by a training grant or by the Graduate School. Financial support for the remainder of graduate training is provided by the research mentor/department, although students are encouraged to secure their own funding through submission of grant proposals.