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People to talk to for your career development plan

There are many useful people you can discuss your career plans with for both the CMB Career Planning Certification process and for getting help in general. Here we want to show you some people whom you might not have considered.

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or Program Director

  • In addition to faculty you are familiar with such as collaborators and committee members, there are other faculty who might have useful input on career planning. For example, your DGS probably knows about where students from your department have gone after graduation with the kind of skills you are developing. If you are early in your career development, consider talking with Danny or Meta.

Graduate School administrators

  • Many people in the Graduate school administration have ideas about career planning and many of them have supported, encouraged, and even met with the CMB student career development committee (thanks Dr. Bostrom!) in our endeavor to help you, the CMB student community in career planning. They have a passion for helping graduate students, and we highly recommend Melissa Bostrom, Sherilynn Black, and Dona Chikaraishi.

Career Center representative

  • The career center provides many seminars and workshops on a variety of career resources and issues. In addition, they offer excellent one-on-one counseling. Paul Miceli specializes in helping graduate students considering non-academic careers.

Office of Postdoctoral Services

  • If you are nearing the end of your graduate career, you might want some advice on more direct questions of resume writing, interviewing, etc. to help you get to your next step. Consider talking with Molly Starback.

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People to talk to for your career development plan