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Gregory Wray

(919) 684-6696
Research Interest: 
Developmental biology
Nucleic acid metabolism
Research Summary: 
Evolutionary genetics of gene expression
Research Description: 

We are broadly interested in the evolution of transcriptional regulation. Our research utilizes both empirical and computational approaches and spans the scale from single nucleotides to entire genomes. At the finer end of this spectrum, we are focusing on the functional and fitness consequences of specific genetic variants in regulatory sequences of genes associated with interesting traits. At the other end of the spectrum, we are developing computational and statistical methods to detect natural selection on regulatory elements, as well as high-throughput empirical approaches to identify functional variation in transcriptional regulation at the whole-genome scale. At intermediate scales, we are investigating functional variation within a dense gene network, including heritability, correlations across the network, gene-environment interactions, and associations with organismal traits. Our research leverages the advantages of two primary model clades, primates and sea urchins.

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