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Kate Meyer

Assistant Professor
(919) 684-9562
Research Interest: 
Nucleic acid metabolism
Research Summary: 
We study mRNA modifications and their role in nervous system function.
Research Description: 

The Meyer lab has a long-standing interest in RNA regulatory pathways that contribute to gene expression control in the cell. Our primary focus is on N6-methyladenosine, or m6A, which is an RNA base modification that occurs when adenosine residues become methylated. We and others have recently discovered that m6A is present in thousands of cellular mRNAs and that it is particularly abundant within the brain. However, the function of m6A is still poorly understood. Studies in the lab seek to understand how m6A is regulated within the cell and how it controls gene expression. We are especially interested in exploring m6A-mediated regulatory pathways in the nervous system and in elucidating how RNA methylation contributes to neurodevelopment, learning and memory, and neurodegenerative disease.

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