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Career Resources

Hello CMB Students!

Welcome to the Career Development Plans and Resources website. The information on these pages has been collected, evaluated and now is presented to you by your fellow CMB students. CMB faculty and the NIH want to promote an increased awareness of career development resources and planning to help prepare graduate students for their careers past graduate school. The Career Development Committee has made an effort to provide information about multiple career paths and what you should be thinking about in terms of career development throughout your years in graduate school, but we welcome feedback or your expertise on any topic. We have tried to focus on resources here at Duke and in the Triangle area, so take advantage! We hope that this website fosters career development and planning at all stages of your time as a CMB student here at Duke.

Don’t forget about your CMB Career Planning Certification.

People to talk to for your career development plan

Getting Started ~year 1-2

Getting more in depth information ~year 2-4

Preparing to transition ~year 4-7